Joey Perman

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Clinical, biochemical and pathological studies in patients with the Rett syndrome (RS) are presented. The neuropathological changes and alterations in neurotransmitter markers are particularly interesting and provide valuable information that may be helpful in understanding the behavior and neurological phenotype of RS.
INTRODUCTION There has been much federal and local health planning for an influenza pandemic in the United States, but little is known about the ability of the clinical community to deal quickly and effectively with a potentially overwhelming surge of pandemic influenza patients. PROBLEM The attitudes and expectations of emergency physicians, emergency(More)
Previous observers, following Freud's formulations in Mourning and Melancholia, have disagreed over the question of whether the child can mourn. To support the thesis that the child does mourn but in a different way from the adult, the author focuses on the importance of the child's identification with the lost love object, the narcissistic regression, and(More)
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