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Results of studies on survival of sclerotia of Sclerotinia and microsclerotia of Verticillium, demonstrated that soil flooding in western Washington is a possible alternative field rotation practice for S. sclerotiorum (white mold), but not for V. dahliae (Verticillium wilt). Cone-tainer experiments in the greenhouse showed that flooding at 16.5 °C caused(More)
A weakness exists in the design of Windows unsalted password hashing mechanism. The static nature of this password hash provides the means for someone to masquerade as another user if the victim's hash can be obtained. While the concept of passing a Windows password hash has been around for some time, the release of publicly available tools has taken the(More)
ABSTRACT Alternaria alternata is the causal organism of core rot decay symptoms in susceptible cv. Red Delicious but not in resistant cv. Golden Delicious. The two cultivars did not differ in natural colonization of the style and ovary during the first week after full bloom; colonization of the ovary in the susceptible cultivar subsequently decreased with(More)
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