Joey G Pipicelli

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An elbow dislocation associated with a radial head and coronoid fractures is termed a terrible triad. This injury almost always renders the elbow unstable requiring surgical intervention. The primary goal of surgery is to stabilize the elbow to permit early motion to prevent stiffness. Recent literature has improved our understanding of elbow anatomy and(More)
Literature describing surgical, post-operative management and outcomes following EDC repairs in close proximity to or within the extensor retinaculum is limited. This complex injury can result in decreased wrist and digital motion as well as loss of independent motion of the digits. This paper reviews complications following such injuries observed(More)
Treatment goals for the management of extensor tendon injuries include restoration of function, minimizing disability, and decreasing the risk of complications. These goals can be achieved with an accurate understanding of the zone-specific concerns for extensor tendon injuries, early referral to hand therapy, and active communication between hand surgeons(More)
STUDY DESIGN Case Report. Capitolunate instability is a form of midcarpal instability. If conservative management is unsuccessful, surgical reconstruction is often indicated. However, the literature is limited regarding postoperative management after reconstruction. Often patients are immobilized for a 6- to 12-week period, which can produce secondary(More)
After injury to the wrist and forearm, therapists and patients frequently work to regain the motions of wrist flexion/extension and forearm pronation/supination. Although these motions play a vital role in everyday functioning, for some, limitations in wrist radial/ulnar deviation can also present functional challenges. These authors describe the creation(More)
Therapists are continually modifying tendon protocols as part of the quest to create the perfect balance between tendon protection and tendon glide. Although much literature exists on the rehabilitation of the long flexor and extensor tendons to the digits, little literature exists on the rehabilitation of the extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon. This(More)
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