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This study examined educational practices in regular education classes in grades K-5 to determine changes required to facilitate a full-time mainstreaming program for students with learning disabilities. Data collected during the planning year of a mainstreaming project permitted a detailed analysis of the elementary school and the extent to which it(More)
The present article examines the current status of hypnosis training and the attitudes of program chairs toward inclusion of such training in doctoral education. A brief survey on hypnosis training was sent to all psychology doctoral programs accredited by the American Psychological Association (n = 218) as well as 24 nonaccredited doctoral programs.(More)
The use of hypnosis is becoming increasingly common in clinical practice. This article examines hypnosis training in psychology internship programs. A survey was sent to all APA intern programs listed in the APPIC directory requesting information about opportunities for training and utilizing hypnosis during the intern year. Thirteen percent of responding(More)
Mainstream Experiences for the Learning Disabled (MELD) was developed to accommodate students with learning disabilities in the mainstream. This article reports the progress of 13 students at the end of 1 year of planning and 1 year of implementing the MELD model in one urban elementary school. Observational and school adjustment data from the(More)
Hypnosis training in psychiatric residency programs has not previously been well documented in the literature. This article examines the extent of such training in residency programs and the attitudes of residency directors to training and the use of hypnosis. A brief survey requesting information on hypnosis training was sent to all psychiatric residency(More)
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