Joeseph Mayo

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The effects of neonatal X-irradiation on cerebellar cathecholamine levels in rats were studied at different postnatal intervals. Since synaptogenesis in the cerebellar cortex is basically a postnatal phenomenon, changes in noradrenaline (NA) and dopamine (DA) levels induced by X-rays on the cerebella (CE) of adult rats (60 days old) were also studied. With(More)
Adult mice are susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) infection only under some experimental conditions. This paper report the results of pathogenesis studies on 4 different strains of mice (CF1, C3H, NIH-nude, BALB-c/J) infected with the cloned and uncloned 0(1)C strain of FMDV. High virus titers were detected in blood and pancreas 12-24 h(More)
The exposure of the cephalic end of rats to repeated doses of X-irradiation (150 rad) immediately after birth induces a long-term increase in the noradrenaline (NA) content of cerebellum (CE) (+ 37.8%), and a decrease in cerebellar weight (65.2% of controls), which results in an increased NA concentration (+ 109%). This increase in the neurotransmitter(More)