Joern William-Patrick Michael

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  • Schelling Jeffrey, R Jr, Abboud Hanna, E He, Nicholas Susanne, B Sb +131 others
  • 2012
Jack R JR. Stachybotrys chartarum, trichothecene mycotoxins, and damp building-related illness: new insights into a public health enigma. surface nucleolin serves as receptor for DNA nanoparticles composed of pegylated polylysine and DNA. Increased skeletal muscle tumor necrosis factor-alpha and impaired insulin signaling persist in obese women with(More)
The outcome of peripheral nerve injuries requiring surgical repair is poor. Recent work has suggested that electrical stimulation (ES) of denervated muscles could be beneficial. Here we tested whether ES has a positive influence on functional recovery after injury and surgical repair of the facial nerve. Outcomes at 2 months were compared to animals(More)
We have shown that manual stimulation of rat whisker-pad muscles following facial-facial-anastomosis (FFA) restores normal whisking by lowering the proportion of polyinnervated motor endplates. Here we examined whether manual stimulation of the orbicularis oculi muscle (OOM) after FFA would also improve outcome. Blink responses to standardized air puffs(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether transplantation of Schwann cells (SCs) overexpressing different isoforms of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-2) combined with manual stimulation (MS) of vibrissal muscles improves recovery after facial nerve transection in adult rat. PROCEDURES Transected facial nerves were entubulated with collagen alone or collagen plus naïve(More)
In the treatment of multilevel degenerative disorders of the lumbar spine, spondylodesis plays a controversial role. Most patients can be treated conservatively with success. Multilevel lumbar fusion with instrumentation is associated with severe complications like failed back surgery syndrome, implant failure, and adjacent segment disease (ASD). This(More)
OBJECT The pullout resistance of double-screw fixation systems in anterior spine surgery has been shown to be dependent on screw length as well as on screw angulation. The objective of the study was to evaluate the pullout strength of anterior double-screw systems with different angulations. METHODS The authors conducted a comparative pullout test of(More)
Cement extrusion into the pelvis with subsequent palsy of the obturator and femoral nerves is a rare entity after hip replacement surgery. Cemented fixation of the acetabular cup has been considered as a safe and reliable standard procedure with very good long term results. We present a case of fifty year old female patient after hip arthroplasty procedure(More)
The contributions of potential autophagic or inflammatory reactions to the induction of skeletal muscle atrophy during immobilization are not yet completely understood. The aim of this study was to comparably investigate them over a short period of immobilization, with special emphasis on biochemical data and their probable morphological correlates.(More)
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