Joern Westhoff

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OBJECTIVE Presentation of our own experiences and results of an early clinical algorithm for treatment integrating emergency embolization (TAE) in cases of unstable pelvic ring fractures with arterial bleeding. METHOD Consecutive patient series from April 2002 to December 2006 at a level 1 trauma center. The data of the online shock room documentation(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the fact that C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and white blood cell (WBC) count are routine blood chemistry parameters for the early assessment of wound infection after surgical procedures, little is known about the natural history of their serum values after major and minimally invasive spinal procedures. METHODS Pre- and postoperative(More)
Trauma Care in Germany fulfils all requirements to deal with injured young and mobile individuals as well as with an increasing number of injured elderly patient. Furthermore, it is prepared to cope with mass casualties of injured. As a public task the Trauma System in Germany is well organized and follows clear cut demands. To perform technical and medical(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the study was to analyze the actual injury situation of bicyclists in Germany to create a basis for effective preventive measures. METHODS Technical and medical data were prospectively collected shortly after the crash at the crash scenes. RESULTS Included were 4,264 injured bicyclists from 1985 to 2003. Fifty-five percent of(More)
Controversy exists in the literature regarding the most appropriate treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures in the skeletally immature patient. To study the histological and biomechanical stages following ACL reconstruction during growth, it is necessary to establish an equivalent model to replicate the situation of an immature skeleton. In(More)
Conflicting reports exist regarding the quality of prehospital treatment of pediatric trauma patients. The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether prehospital treatment and emergency management in pediatric trauma patients were similar to that in adult patients. All patients who had been prospectively documented in the registry of the German(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of the results and presentation of a treatment concept of a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) in prehospital acute care of entrapped motorists. METHODS Consecutive patient data collection from primary rescue missions of a helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) from the years 2000-2004. Evaluation based on data collected(More)
AIM Crash mechanisms, injury patterns, and severity of injury of entrapped motor vehicle occupants were analysed by the Accident Research Unit's scientific teams between 1983 and 2003. RESULTS Of the 1281 vehicle passenger entrapments in our study, 18.3% happened on highways, 25.6% on federal roads, 35.9% on country roads, and 18.3% on city roads. Of(More)
INTRODUCTION Elbow dislocations are associated with osseus lesions in 30-50%. Integrity of the coronoid process is essential for stability of the elbow joint. METHODS A retrospective study of 39 patients out of 51 was conducted to evaluate a result of surgical treatment in fracture dislocation of the elbow involving the coronoid process. The patients were(More)
BACKGROUND The prognosis of severely injured patients depends on a rapid diagnosis and early initiation of therapeutic procedures. MATERIAL AND METHODS To that end a total of 6,927 prospectively documented severely injured patients with an Injury Severity Score (ISS) > or =16 from the Trauma Registry of the German Trauma Society (DGU, 2002-2007) were(More)