Joergen Kühlwein Johansen

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BACKGROUND Although hydroxyethyl starch (HES) is commonly used as an intravascular volume expander in surgical patients, recent studies suggest that it may increase the risk of renal failure in critically ill patients. We hypothesized that patients undergoing radical prostatectomy and receiving HES would be more likely to develop markers of renal failure,(More)
The monoclonal antibody Lan3-15 identifies a novel protein, Hillarin, that is localized to the axon hillock of leech neurons. Using this antibody we have identified a full length cDNA coding for leech Hillarin and determined its sequence. The gene encodes a 1274 residue protein with a predicted molecular mass of 144 013 Da. Data base searches revealed that(More)
Rhythm disturbances are described in 2 patients with an implanted permanent pacemaker. Both patients had nonfunctioning electrodes retained after previous complications. It was possible to observe, in both patients, during fluoroscopic examination that the electrodes occasionally touched each other. The etiology of the rhythm disturbances are discussed on(More)
Hepatic encephalopathy and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding are the most serious complications in cirrhosis. The purpose of this study was to examine survival after the first episode of GI bleeding or coma, or both, and to identify variables associated with the subsequent survival in 284 consecutive patients with cirrhosis admitted to one division of(More)
The implantation of a permanent pacemaker has been carried out on 159 patients suffering from Adams-Stokes seizures. Elema 588 B electrodes were implanted in 119 patients and Chardack 5818 electrodes in 40 patients. The two types of electrodes differ with regard to both the implantation technique and weight and thickness. No difference was found in the(More)
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