Joerg Swetina

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A model for polynucleotide replication is presented and analyzed by means of perturbation theory. Two basic assumptions allow handling of sequences up to a chain length of v approximately 80 explicitly: point mutations are restricted to a two-digit model and individual sequences are subsumed into mutant classes. Perturbation theory is in excellent agreement(More)
Future mobile carrier networks need to address the predicted growth in mobile traffic volume which is expected to have explosive growth in the next years mainly driven by video and web applications [1]. Based on the expected capacity demand increase, mobile network operators (MNOs) are required to increase capital (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX)(More)
At present, most M2M solutions in different industries use proprietary systems that often comprise all layers, from physical to application, to provide their specialized M2M services to customers. These proprietary systems make it difficult to extend systems to support new services, integrate new data, and interoperate with other M2M systems. This issue(More)
Standardization organizations play a major role in the telecommunications industry to guarantee interoperability between vendors and allow for a common ground where all players can voice their opinion regarding the direction the industry should follow. In this paper we review the current activities in some of the most relevant standardization bodies in the(More)
In this work first and second moments for a many species Moran model are calculated. The model describes by means of a time-continuous birth- and death process the evolution of an ensemble of N macromolecules out of n possible species. The molecules may replicate (correct or erroneous, in the latter case producing mutants) and may undergo elimination.(More)
WE ARE currently witnessing the emergence of an internet in which industrial as well as consumer objects are able to connect to the Internet, tweet or be queried. Whilst the impact onto economies and societies around the world is undisputed, the technologies facilitating such a ubiquitous connectivity have struggled so far and have only recently commenced(More)
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