Joerg Kleimann

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The adsorption of poly(vinylamine) (PVA) on poly(styrene sulfate) latex particles is studied, and its consequences on the charging behavior and suspension stability are investigated. The adsorption process is assessed by batch depletion experiments and time-resolved electrophoretic mobility measurements. The adsorption of PVA appears to be basically(More)
PURPOSE To investigate a blood pool contrast agent and water-selective excitation imaging at 3 T for high spatial and high contrast imaging of brain vessels including the veins. METHODS AND RESULTS 48 clinical patients (47 ± 18 years old) were included. Based on clinical findings, twenty-four patients received a single dose of standard extracellular(More)
Deposition of positively charged nanosized latex particles onto planar silica and cellulose substrates was studied in monovalent electrolyte solutions at pH 9.5. The deposition was probed in situ with optical reflectometry in a stagnation point flow cell. The surface coverage can be estimated reliably with island film theory as well as with a homogeneous(More)
An adsorbed layer of a cationic polyelectrolyte, poly(diallyldimethyl-ammonium) chloride (PDADMAC) on negatively charged colloidal latex particles was investigated by small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS). SANS gives a layer thickness of 8 +/- 1 A and a polymer volume fraction of 0.31 +/- 0.05 within the film. DLS gives a(More)
In this paper we show results of numerical simulations for the turbulence in the interstellar medium. These results were obtained using a Riemann solver-free numerical scheme for high-Mach number hyperbolic equations. Here we especially concentrate on the physical properties of the ISM. That is, we do not present turbulence simulations trimmed to be(More)
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