Joerg Hanze

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The excitability of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMC) is regulated by potassium (K+) conductances. Although studies suggest that background K+ currents carried by 2-pore domain K+ channels are important regulators of resting membrane potential in PASMC, their role in human PASMC is unknown. Our study tested the hypothesis that TASK-1 leak K+(More)
Skeletal muscle precursor cells are adult stem cells located among muscle fibers. Proliferation, migration, and subsequent differentiation of these cells are critical steps in the repair of muscle injury. We document in this study the roles and mechanisms through which the NAPDH oxidase complex regulates muscle precursor cell proliferation. The NADPH(More)
Polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) have been implicated in various vascular inflammatory processes. We isolated PMN from venous blood samples of 10 patients with severe primary pulmonary arterial hypertension (PPH), 7 patients with pulmonary hypertension secondary to chronic thromboembolism (CTEPH), and 12 healthy controls. When stimulated with the(More)
The expression of neuropeptide Y (NPY) and NPY-Y1 receptor (NPY-Y1R) in relation to that of tyrosine kinase A (trkA), nerve-growth-factor low-affinity-receptor (LNGFR) and the transcription factor N-myc was studied in 26 neuroblastomas and one ganglioneuroma by quantitative Northern-blot analysis. A correlation of NPY-Y1R with LNGFR (r = 0.85, p < 0.01) and(More)
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