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[1] We report on the discovery of the mineral ikaite (CaCO 3 Á6H 2 O) in sea-ice from the Southern Ocean. The precipitation of CaCO 3 during the freezing of seawater has previously been predicted from thermodynamic modelling, indirect measurements, and has been documented in artificial sea ice during laboratory experiments but has not been reported for(More)
The use of magnetic activation has been proposed to answer the growing need for assisted bone and vascular remodeling during template/scaffold regeneration. With this in mind, a synthesis procedure was developed to prepare bioactive (Fe2+/Fe3+)-doped hydroxyapatite (Fe-HA), endowed with superparamagnetic-like properties. This new class of magnetic(More)
A highly specific accumulation of the toxic element lead was recently measured in the transition zone between non-calcified and calcified normal human articular cartilage. This transition zone, the so-called `tidemark', is considered to be an active calcification front of great clinical importance. However, little is known about the mechanisms of(More)
We report on integrated geomorphological, mineralogical, geochemical and biological investigations of the hydrothermal vent field located on the floor of the density-stratified acidic (pH ~ 5) crater of the Kolumbo shallow-submarine arc-volcano, near Santorini. Kolumbo features rare geodynamic setting at convergent boundaries, where arc-volcanism and(More)
Previous studies have proved that a certain acidic isoform of ferritin is specifically synthesized by the placenta and breast-cancer tissue. In this context it has been further reported that the determination of this so-called placental isoferritin (PLF) on the surface of a subset of peripheral lymphocytes is highly specific and sensitive for early stage(More)
Peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with alcoholic cirrhosis, alcohol-induced fatty liver, and healthy controls were analyzed for helper-inducer (CD4+CD29w+) and suppressor-inducer (CD4+CD45R+) T lymphocytes. In confirmation of earlier reports, patients with alcoholic cirrhosis were found to have a significantly reduced absolute number of peripheral(More)
"Ferritin-blocked lymphocytes" or placental ferritin (PLF) -positive T cells have repeatedly been described in the circulation of patients with female breast cancer. Since a monoclonal antibody directed against PLF became available, a study was performed to evaluate its usefulness in an easily reproducible system. One hundred patients with controversial or(More)
The advantage of the new generation IV iron preparations ferric carboxymaltose (FCM), ferumoxytol (FMX), and iron isomaltoside 1000 (IIM) is that they can be administered in relatively high doses in a short period of time. We investigated the physico-chemical properties of these preparations and compared them with those of the older preparations iron(More)
We investigated the speciation and extractability of Tl in soil developed from mineralized carbonate rock. Total Tl concentrations in topsoil (0-20 cm) of 100-1000 mg/kg are observed in the most affected area, subsoil concentrations of up to 6000 mg/kg Tl in soil horizons containing weathered ore fragments. Using synchrotron-based microfocused X-ray(More)
The reactivity of natural dissolved organic matter toward sulfide and has not been well studied with regard to electron transfer, product formation, and kinetics. We thus investigated the abiotic transformation of sulfide upon reaction with reduced and nonreduced Sigma-Aldrich humic acid (HA), at pH 6 under anoxic conditions. Sulfide reacted with nonreduced(More)