Joerg Bohlen

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The family Cobitidae represents a characteristic element of the Eurasian ichthyofauna. Despite diverse features of sexual dimorphism, comparably few morphological characters have been utilized for(More)
We reconstruct the phylogeny of the morphologically diagnosable subgenera Bicanestrinia, Beysehiria, and Cobitis sensu stricto of the genus Cobitis from Asia Minor and the Balkans. We used the(More)
We present the phylogenetic relationships of the freshwater fish genus Rhodeus from 45 localities in Europe and three localities in the Amur basin using the mitochondrial cytochrome b sequence. The(More)
The freshwater faunas of the Italian peninsula are isolated from the rest of Europe by the geographic barrier of the Alps and consequently have developed many endemic forms and contain few(More)
Biogeographical hypotheses of European freshwater fishes were inferred using phylogeographic analysis of the complete cytochrome b and ATP synthase 8 and 6 mitochondrial genes (1982bp). To test the(More)