Joep A. de Groot

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Biometrics gain increasing interest as a solution for many security issues, but privacy risks exist in case we do not protect the stored templates well. This paper presents a new verification scheme, which protects the secrets of the enrolled users. We will show that zero leakage is achieved if certain criteria are met and we benchmark the performance of(More)
A Helper Data Scheme is a cryptographic primitive that extracts a high-entropy noise-free string from noisy data. Helper Data Schemes are used for privacy-preserving databases and for Physical Unclonable Functions. We refine the theory of Helper Data schemes with Zero Secrecy Leakage (ZSL), i.e. the mutual information between the helper data and the(More)
A helper data scheme (HDS) is a cryptographic primitive that extracts a high-entropy noise-free secret string from noisy data, such as biometrics. A well-known problem is to ensure that the storage of a user-specific helper data string in a database does not reveal any information about the secret. Although Zero Leakage Systems (ZSL) have been proposed, an(More)
This paper studies an approach to enhance the trust in the widespread use of Body Sensor Networks (BSN) in Healthcare. To address the wide variety in medical indications and differences between patients, we assume that such BSNs are programmable and highly flexible in their functionality. Yet this opens a vulnerability to malicious attacks and intrusion of(More)
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