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The antigen defined by a rat monoclonal antibody directed to a Burkitt lymphoma cell line was identified as globotriaosylceramide [Gal alpha (1 leads to 4)-Gal beta (1 leads to 4)-Glc beta (1 leads to 1)-ceramide]. The antibody demonstrated a strict steric specificity since it did not react with globoisotriaosylceramide [Gal alpha (1 leads to 3)-Gal beta (1(More)
The expression of the H-Y antigen has been tested on several human lymphoid lines and mouse teratocarcinoma cell lines during differentiation. The human male lymphoid cell line Raji is a very useful target for studies of the H-Y antigen by lymphocytotoxicity test with rat anti-H-Y sera. With a few exceptions, all cells carrying the Y chromosome were H-Y(More)
BACKGROUND Isolated limb perfusion with TNF-α and melphalan is used with remarkable efficiency to treat unresectable limb sarcomas. Here we tested the ability of TNF-α to directly induce apoptosis of sarcoma cells. In addition, we investigated the impact of p53 in the regulation of such effect. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We first analysed the ability(More)
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