Joelle R Schlang

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This article discusses the benefits of integrating point-of-care diagnostic ultrasound into the four-year medical school curriculum. Handheld ultrasound devices have been used to teach medical students at the University of California (UC), Irvine, since August 2010, and the article explains how the use of this inexpensive, safe, and noninvasive tool(More)
INTRODUCTION The accurate diagnosis of elevated intracranial pressure (eICP) in the emergent setting is a critical determination that presents significant challenges. Several studies show correlation of sonographic optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) to eICP, while others show high inter-observer variability or marginal performance with less experienced(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of a month-long nap regimen using one of two durations (45 minutes or 2 hours) on nighttime sleep and waking function in a group of healthy older participants and to assess the degree to which healthy older individuals are willing and able to adhere to such napping regimens. DESIGN Three laboratory sessions, with 2-week(More)
BACKGROUND Rising use of computed tomography (CT) to evaluate patients with trauma has increased both patient costs and risk of cancer from ionizing radiation, without demonstrable improvements in outcome. Patient-centred care mandates disclosure of the potential risks, costs and benefits of diagnostic testing whenever possible. OBJECTIVE We sought to(More)
Thermography is a non-destructive method used to monitor pest and disease infestations, as it is related to changes in plant water status. Surface temperature differences of the crop canopy may be an indicator of nematode infestation as the parasitation of the root system reduces evaporation of leaves. To test the potential of high resolution digital(More)
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