Joelle Klees

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Ethylene Oxide is widely used to sterilize heat-sensitive materials. Acute and chronic neurogenic effects to the central and peripheral nervous system in man and animals have been described. To assess the chronic, subtle neuropsychologic effects of ethylene oxide, we performed a cross-sectional study of 25 hospital central supply workers exposed to low(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine how adolescents are likely to react to peers who wear visible hearing aids. Forty high school juniors and seniors rated a photograph of a male peer on an 81-scale semantic differential. One-half rated a copy of the photograph in which a hearing aid was visible and the others rated a copy in which one was not(More)
Obesity, and its associated complications, is one of the most costly diseases in modern civilisations. Dieting alone rarely gives good long-term results. The effect of the combination of nutritional education and moderately intensive physical exercise on the evolution of weight and Body composition has been analysed by bio-impedancemetry over a one-year(More)
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