Joelle Corteel

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The in vitro survival of ejaculated and epididymal goat sperm was measured in a milk diluent while being incubated at + 37 degrees C and after having been exposed to seminal plasma or to its components. Non-breeding season seminal plasma had a negative effect on sperm survival whether the cells were cooled to + 20 degrees C, chilled to + 4 degrees C or(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY A prospective study was set up to evaluate meniscal suturing using an inside-out technique. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of an initial group of 20 patients who underwent closed meniscus repair between 1985 and 1988 using an inside-out technique, 13 were studied. All patients were subjected to a clinical examination and an magnetic resonance(More)
  • J M Corteel
  • 1980
In sperm cell populations kept in vitro, the profiles of motile cell number and motility are always influenced by the seminal plasma. The non-epididymal fraction of the seminal plasma first enhanced and then depressed bull, ram and goat sperm motility or immediately depressed that of horses and rabbits. The secretions of Cowper's gland (male goat) or of the(More)
The incidence of hip prosthesis dislocation ranges from 0.4% to 15% depending on the series (1, 6). In classical dislocations of hip prosthesis, the prosthetic femoral head escapes from the natural acetabular cavity or prosthetic acetabulum in case of total hip arthroplasty. In the case presented here, a bipolar hip prosthesis dislocation occurred between(More)
Preovulatory LH surges were induced and synchronized in 12 Alpine goats during the anoestrus season using a progestagen-PMSG treatment. Onsets of oestrus, plasma LH levels and numbers of ovulations were recorded. During the preovulatory surge, frequencies of blood sampling were such (1 per hour in 8 goats and 1 each 4 min. in 4 other goats) as to allow for(More)
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