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Neural stem cells (NSCs) have been found to reside in defined areas of the vertebrate brain, where they can be identified by the expression of specific markers such as Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9. In the mouse, expression of Sox1, Sox2 and Sox9 genes has recently been reported outside of these recognised NSC niches, in the Purkinje cell layer of the adult(More)
Bergmann glia cells are a discrete radial glia population surrounding Purkinje cells in the cerebellar cortex. Although Bergmann glia are essential for the development and correct arborization of Purkinje cells, little is known about the regulation of this cell population after the developmental phase. In an effort to characterize this population at the(More)
Premature delivery remains a serious risk factor in pregnancy, with currently licensed tocolytics unable to offer significant improvement in neonatal outcome. Further understanding of the regulators of uterine contractility is required to enable the development of novel and more effective tocolytic therapies. The transglutaminase family is a class of(More)
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