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There is a lack of generally applicable methods for reducing energy consumption while ensuring good quality of service in distributed computational grids. We study the energy-aware task allocation problem for assigning a set of tasks onto the machines in a grid environment where the conflicting goals of ensuring quality of service and reducing energy(More)
Numerous approaches to the orbit have been elegantly described in the literature. One area of the orbit that remains difficult to approach with standard techniques is the inferonasal apex. We describe a new surgical procedure we have termed the LeFort I orbitotomy. The technique involves creation of a LeFort I osteotomy to separate the maxilla from the(More)
  • J Wilkins
  • 1996
An estimated 300,000 Americans die each year from cardiac arrhythmias. Historically, drug therapy or surgery were the only treatment options available for patients suffering from arrhythmias. Recently, implantable arrhythmia management devices have been developed. These devices allow abnormal cardiac rhythms to be sensed and corrected in vivo. Proper(More)
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