Joel Whitesel

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This study documents changes in momentary distribution of forces under the foot, comparing barefoot gait to that with heel cups, medial arch supports, and low-dye taping. Cholesterol crystal force plate analysis and a computerized Kistler force platform were used in the study. Low-dye taping or a heel cup significantly diminished the duration of forces(More)
OBJECTIVE The therapeutic specificity of patient education about schizophrenia was investigated in a randomized controlled study comparing the effects of two styles of group educational intervention. METHODS Thirty-three adult inpatients with schizophrenia were assigned in a stratified random manner either to an experimental patient education group that(More)
During five football seasons, from 1989 through 1993, 61 surgically proven, noncontact, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, were identified from among 22 National Football League teams. The variables of surface, shoe type, playing conditions, and whether or not the shoe was spatted were identified for each reported injury. Forty noncontact injuries(More)
Twenty adult males were tested with the Cybex II isokinetic dynamometer, comparing in each leg the torque produced by the anterior and posterior muscle compartments. Significant torque is produced by the gastroc soleus muscle group, even when the knee is bent 90 degrees. There is a significant increase in anterior compartment dorsiflexion torque produced(More)
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