Joel W. Gannett

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We present a method for impairment-aware routing in transparent networks that allows constraint dependencies and objectives minimizing regeneration cost. The method is guaranteed to identify impairment-feasible paths when they exist and uses transponder resources efficiently. The funding support of NIST ATP contract 70NANB8H4018 is gratefully acknowledged.
We enhance the potential cost savings from optical network transparency by applying Connected Dominating Sets and impairment-aware routing, thus reducing the density of OEO nodes substantially below that obtained with more straightforward path improvement heuristics. The funding support of NIST ATP contract 70NANB8H4018 is gratefully acknowledged.
We address the requirements and design of bandwidth on demand networks in the context of grid services. Regardless of the deployment scenario for grid services (e.g., commercial or research), there is a need for efficient use of network facilities and a need to meet the performance requirements of the grid services users. We present quantitative analysis(More)
A previous paper demonstrated that spacetime transformations consistent with the principle of relativity can be derived without assuming explicitly the constancy of the speed of light. Here we correct an error in the earlier paper while showing that this derivation can be done under weaker assumptions, in particular, without an implicit assumption of(More)
We summarize the DARPA CORONET program approach to bandwidth-on-demand, and implementation and demonstration of Cloud Computing applications in network testbeds. Recently, there has been major impetus for Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) in carrier networks, driven by the burgeoning demand for cloud computing services and a desire to reduce costs through bandwidth(More)
A value oriented algo-rithmic language: Preliminary reference manual, " Tech. Rep. 218, 1979. (331 J. Backus, " Can programming be librated from the Von-Neumann style? A functional style and its algebra of programs,'' Commun. Ass. [39] J. R. McGraw er al., " SISAL-Streams and iterations in a single assignment language, [41] D. Mitra, " Chaotic asynchronous(More)
The future Army relies on a wireless mobile ad hoc network (MANET) to link together the platforms of the brigade. The scale of deployment of this network is not available for field testing at design time. This fact combined with the complexity of the communication waveforms and their numerous configuration parameters demands the use of a high-fidelity(More)