Joel W. Gannett

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We address the requirements and design of bandwidth on demand networks in the context of grid services. Regardless of the deployment scenario for grid services (e.g., commercial or research), there is a need for efficient use of network facilities and a need to meet the performance requirements of the grid services users. We present quantitative analysis(More)
A value oriented algo-rithmic language: Preliminary reference manual, " Tech. Rep. 218, 1979. (331 J. Backus, " Can programming be librated from the Von-Neumann style? A functional style and its algebra of programs,'' Commun. Ass. [39] J. R. McGraw er al., " SISAL-Streams and iterations in a single assignment language, [41] D. Mitra, " Chaotic asynchronous(More)
— A dynamic optical network that adjusts quickly and automatically to changes in offered traffic load provides performance superior to that of a network of fixed, static optical connections only under certain conditions, such as a high degree of interconnectivity among the network nodes and a coarse granularity of traffic demands relative to link capacity.
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