Joel Schulman

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The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) has been widely studied because of its importance in the field of nanoelectronic science and technology and its potential applications in very high speed/functionality devices and circuits. Even though much progress has been made in this regard, additional work is needed to realize the full potential of RTD’s. As research(More)
Nine subjects with prelingually acquired, sensorineural, hearing loss were given a three-interval, forced-choice, test of speech pattern contrast perception under two amplification conditions. The first involved adjustment of the low and high frequency outputs of a two-channel Master Hearing Aid to each subject's highest comfortable level, but without(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the suitability of the high-resolution CT XtremeCT for ex vivo imaging of degradable magnesium implants with simulated peri-implant bone formation in rabbit tibiae and development of a method for calibrating the mass concentration of a magnesium alloy in an implant volume. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using specially designed phantoms,(More)
In this paper we consider a new superlattice system consisting of alternating layers of CdTe and HgTe constructed parallel to the (001) zincblende plane. The tight-binding method is used to calc~late the electronic properties of this system, in particular, band edge and interface properties. The energy gap as a function of layer thickness is determined. It(More)
Continuing initiatives to deploy radical new computing schemes impel the study of new materials systems appropriate for realization of these schemes. One contemporary idea for a basis for new computing architectures is spintronics, the manipulation of electron or nuclear spin for the construction of physical quantum logic and other devices. In this work(More)
One of the novel medical devices is an implantable (injectable) biomedical stimulator [1]. These devices powered from external RF or internal battery and provide chronical stimulation to patient. Ideal scenario intends their lifetime service, which rise problems of reliability and possible failure due to corrosion and degradation. Injectable(More)
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