Joel Samuelsson

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The objective of this thesis was to develop a single channel noise reduction method, capable of handling the short delay constraints of a digital hearing aid. Two candidates were developed and evaluated, both based on a previously proposed long-delay algorithm called Perceptually Optimised Spectral Subtraction, or shortly, PSS. The first method, PSSLP (PSS(More)
  • J. Samuelsson
  • 2005
Gaussian mixture model (GMM) based vector quantization (VQ) using a data-dependent weighted Euclidean distortion measure is presented. It is shown how GMM-VQ can be improved by using GMMs that model the optimal VQ point density rather than the source probability density as is done in previous work. GMM training procedures as well as procedures for encoding(More)
1. DEMONSTRATION Wireless sensor network (WSN) applications are used in many different scenarios ranging from indoor mote networks to participatory sensing applications using smartphones. As WSN systems operate in such diverse environments using different sensor node hardware, we have identified the need of a relocatable WSN testbed with support for(More)
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