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Protecting Commercial Aviation Against the Shoulder-Fired Missile Threat
This paper discusses how to protect commercial aircraft and airlines from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS). MANPADS are shoulder fired missiles that are available worldwide, are relativelyExpand
Proliferated Autonomous Weapons: An Example of Cooperative Behavior
Abstract : This exploratory research examines whether modern communications and sensors, advances in robotics architectures, and adaptations of analytical modeling of natural systems may permit theExpand
Aerospace Operations in Urban Environments: Exploring New Concepts
Abstract : Since the end of the Cold War, U.S. forces have been involved in a number of operations (peacekeeping, humanitarian relief, and non-combatant evacuations) that have taken place in urbanExpand
Capturing the Essential Factors in Reconnaissance and Surveillance Force Sizing and Mix
Abstract : This documented briefing describes research in the Project AIR FORCE Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Targeting project; it includes work relating to intelligence, surveillance, andExpand
Methodology for Improving the Planning, Execution, and Assessment of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations
Lingel et al. present alternative methods to approach U.S. Air Force intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) tasking and the command and control processes and assess the outcome ofExpand
Massive gauge field in source theory. II
Abstract In an earlier source theory investigation it was shown that the vacuum polarization of a massive gauge field is finite, provided that the conservation of current is imposed everywhere,Expand
The electromagnetic interactions of massive gauge fields
Abstract The electromagnetic interactions of the vector mesons are discussed in terms of the Lagrangian of a massive gauge field. It has been shown elsewhere that this Lagrangian makes someExpand