Joel S Riley

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Non-small cell lung carcinoma remains by far the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Overexpression of FLIP, which blocks the extrinsic apoptotic pathway by inhibiting caspase-8 activation, has been identified in various cancers. We investigated FLIP and procaspase-8 expression in NSCLC and the effect of HDAC inhibitors on FLIP expression,(More)
A large-scale trial has been started in the United Kingdom with the aim of evaluating the effectiveness of different methods for the early detection of breast cancer. Two populations, each of 25,000 women aged 45-64 are invited for annual screening by mammography and/or clinical examination. Two further populations, one of 25,000 and one of 40,000 women in(More)
Death effector domains (DEDs) are protein-protein interaction domains initially identified in proteins such as FADD, FLIP and caspase-8 involved in regulating apoptosis. Subsequently, these proteins have been shown to have important roles in regulating other forms of cell death, including necroptosis, and in regulating other important cellular processes,(More)
Most apoptotic stimuli require mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization (MOMP) in order to execute cell death. As such, MOMP is subject to tight control by Bcl-2 family proteins. We have developed a powerful new technique to investigate Bcl-2-mediated regulation of MOMP. This method, called mito-priming, uses co-expression of pro- and anti-apoptotic(More)
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