Joel Rosiene

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES Perfusion-weighted computed tomography (CTP) is a relatively recent innovation that estimates a value for cerebral blood flow (CBF) using a series of axial head CT images tracking the time course of a signal from an intravenous contrast bolus. MATERIALS AND METHODS CTP images were obtained using a standard imaging protocol and(More)
The relatively noise free images obtained from the cyrosection dataset of the Visible Woman simplifies the automation of the extraction of vascular and other fluid filled anatomical structures. However, the complex textures associated with other tissues within organs make the automatic extraction of organs based solely on imaging techniques challenging [1].(More)
The focus of this project is to improve our understanding of the relationships between brain structure and function in patients presenting with anterior visual pathway compression using functional MRI (fMRI), visual field(VF) maps and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). Significant visual loss can occur when large pituitary lesions compress the optic chiasm.(More)
This paper describes a technique for delivering real-time video over low-bandwidth wireless channels. The proposed approach transmits data at a fixed bit-rate specified by the encoder and provides an error correction mechanism for robust data transmission without the use of channel quality information. The performance of this technique in the presence of(More)
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