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In the telecommunications services, fraud situations have a significant business impact. Due to the massive amounts of data handled, fraud detection stands as a very difficult and challenging task. In this paper , we propose the application of dynamic clustering over signatures to support this task. Traditional static clustering is applied to determine(More)
In this paper we tackle the problem of superimposed fraud detection in telecommunication systems. We propose two anomaly detection methods based on the concept of signatures. The first method relies on a signature deviation-based approach while the second on a dynamic clustering analysis. Experiments carried out with real data, voice call records from an(More)
Over the last decade, several algorithms for process discovery and process conformance have been proposed. Still, it is well-accepted that there is no dominant algorithm in any of these two disciplines, and then it is often difficult to apply them successfully. Most of these algorithms need a close-to expert knowledge in order to be applied satisfactorily.(More)
In this paper, we present a new OLAP Mining method for exploring interesting trend patterns. Our main goal is to mine the most (TOP-K) significant changes in Multidimensional Spaces (MDS) applying a gradient-based cubing strategy. The challenge is then finding maximum gradient regions, which maximises the task of detecting TOP-K gradient cells. Several(More)
In this paper, we determine which non-random sampling of fixed size gives the best linear predictor of the sum of a finite spatial population. We employ different multiscale superpopulation models and use the minimum mean-squared error as our optimality criterion. In a multiscale superpopu-lation tree models, the leaves represent the units of the(More)
Given an event log L, a control-flow discovery algorithm f , and a quality metric m, this paper faces the following problem: what are the parameters in f that mostly influence its application in terms of m when applied to L? This paper proposes a method to solve this problem , based on sensitivity analysis, a theory which has been successfully applied in(More)