Joel R. Remde

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SuperBook is a hypertext browsing system designed to improve the usability of conventional documents. Successive versions of SuperBook were evaluated in a series of behavioral studies. Students searched for information in a statistics text. presented either in conventional printed form or in SuperBook form. The best version of SuperBook enabled students to(More)
The Chemistry Online Retrieval Experiment, or CORE project, is studying the possibility of creating a useful, usable electronic library for chemistry researchers. In a preliminary study, chemists were observed performing five different tasks representative of typical uses of the scientific journal literature. The tasks simulated browsing journals, answering(More)
<italic>The goals and methods of the text browser, SuperBook, are compared with those of hypertext systems in general. SuperBook, intended to provide improved access to text existing in electronic form, employs cognitive tools arising from human computer interaction research, such as full-text indexing, adaptive aliasing, and dynamic views of hierarchical(More)
Students performed a variety of tasks using a statistics text presented either in conventional printed form or via the text browser &#8220;SuperBook&#8221; (Remde, Gomez and Landauer [18]). Students using SuperBook answered more search questions correctly, wrote higher quality &#8220;open-book&#8221; essays, and recalled certain incidental information(More)
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