Joel R Clark

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In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in World Wide Web-based teaching and learning materials; however, present-day systems for recording student-patient interactions have trailed behind other academic areas in the appropriate use of technology. This article reviews the implementation of an innovative Web-based computerized student-patient log.(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have established an association between diabetic neuropathy and depressive symptoms. There is a link between depression and peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients, suggesting an increased likelihood that diabetic patients will experience depressive symptoms related to lower-extremity peripheral neuropathy and arthritis during(More)
This article reviews the extent of health-care students' computer literacy and presents the results of a survey of podiatric medical students' computer literacy. The results of this survey indicate that podiatric medical students are more likely than other health-care students to rate their computer literacy as good or very good. There was no gender(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have established a positive association between peripheral neuropathy and diabetes mellitus. The purpose of the present investigation is to determine the predictor variables for demographic characteristics of individuals with diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy. METHODS Frequency and χ2 statistic analyses were conducted on the(More)
The computerized student-patient encounter log system represents a considerable improvement in terms of efficiency and accuracy over traditional paper-based student-patient encounter reporting systems. The computerized log not only facilitates faculty monitoring of students' assessment and management of health problems at geographically disparate locations(More)
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