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When a word is visually presented in a naming or comparison task in such a way that the eye is initially fixated at different locations within the word, a very strong effect of fixation location is found. The effect appears as a U-shaped curve. Naming time and total fixation time (gaze duration) have a minimum for an initial fixation location between the(More)
  • Joel Pynte
  • Journal of experimental psychology. Human…
  • 1996
Eye movements were recorded during the reading of long words, which were presented in isolation at their optimal viewing position. Refixations were found to be preferentially directed toward the region of the word that contained the critical letters for distinguishing it from its competitors. In Experiments 1 and 2, low-frequency stimulus words sharing all(More)
On-line contextual influences during reading were examined in a series of multiple-regression analyses conducted on a large-scale corpus of eye-movement data, using Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to assess the degree of contextual constraints exerted on a given target word by the immediately prior word and by the prior sentence fragment. A decrease in(More)
  • Joel Pynte
  • Journal of psycholinguistic research
  • 2006
The role of prosodic phrasing in sentence comprehension was investigated by means of three different tasks, namely auditory word monitoring (Experiment 1), self-paced reading (Experiment 2) and cross-modal comparison (Experiment 3). In all three experiments a critical prosodic unit or frame comprising a determiner, a noun and a Prepositional Phrase (PP) was(More)
In a series of multiple-regression analyses conducted on the French part of the Dundee corpus, the time spent inspecting a target word in a given sentence was found to depend on its degree of semantic relatedness (as assessed in the LSA framework) to two content words belonging to a prior part of the sentence, and located at varying distances to the left of(More)
Gerry Altmann Kathryn Bock Marc Brysbaert Manuel Carreiras Chuck Clifton Martin Corley Matt Crocker Eugene Dawydiak Janet Fodor Fernanda Ferreira Angela Friederici Simon Garrod Ted Gibson Barbara Hemforth Yuki Kamide Frank Keller Gerard Kempen Lars Konieczny Vincenzo Lombardo Maryellen McDonald Brian McElree Don Mitchell Linda Moxey Wayne Murray Neal(More)
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