Joel Pitt

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BACKGROUND Microsatellites are highly abundant in eukaryotic genomes but their function and evolution are not yet well understood. Their elevated mutation rate makes them ideal markers of genetic difference, but high levels of unexplained heterogeneity in mutation rates among microsatellites at different genomic locations need to be elucidated in order to(More)
The hypothesis is presented that " cognitive synergy " – proactive and mutually-assistive feedback between different cognitive processes associated with different types of memory – may serve as a foundation for advanced artificial general intelligence. A specific AI architecture founded on this idea, OpenCogPrime, is described , in the context of its(More)
BACKGROUND Meiotic recombination events have been found to concentrate in 1-2.5 kilo base regions, but these recombination hot spots do not share a consensus sequence and why they occur at specific sites is not fully understood. Some previous evidence suggests that poly-purine/poly-pyrimidine (poly-pu/py) tracts (PPTs), a class of sequence with distinctive(More)
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