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Understanding the adsorption of water in metal−organic frameworks (MOF), and particularly in soft porous crystals, is a crucial prerequisite before considering MOFs for industrial applications. We report here a joint experimental and theoretical study on the behavior of a gallium-based breathing MOF, Ga-MIL-53, upon water adsorption. By looking at the(More)
Zs. Kajcsos, L. Liszkay, G. Duplâtre, L. Varga, L. Lohonyai, F. Pászti, E. Szilágyi, K. Lázár, E. Kótai, G. Pál-Borbély, H.K. Beyer, P. Caullet, J. Patarin, M.E. Azenha , P.M. Gordo, C. Lopes Gil, A.P. de Lima and M.F. Ferreira Marques KFKI Res. Inst. for Part. Nucl. Physics, P.O.B. 49, 1525 Budapest 114, Hungary Lab. Chim. Nucléaire, IReS, IN2P3/CNRS, B.P.(More)
Correlations between positronium (Ps) production features and positron annihilation (PA) parameters were investigated in various zeolite samples (MFI, mordenite, Na–Y). The contribution of 3g-annihilation on data registration was closely examined. Long lifetimes up to 135 ns and triplet Ps (o-Ps) fractions up to 30% were found. Even low amounts of adsorbed(More)
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