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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study investigated the relationship between balance measures and ankle range of motion (ROM) in community-dwelling elderly women with no health problems. Identification of modifiable factors associated with balance may enable clinicians to design treatments to help reduce the risk of falls in elderly people. SUBJECTS The sample(More)
AIMS To analyse the breath of patients with schizophrenia for the presence of abnormal volatile organic compounds. METHODS A case comparison study was performed in two community hospitals in Staten Island, New York. Twenty five patients with schizophrenia, 26 patients with other psychiatric disorders, and 38 normal controls were studied. Alveolar breath(More)
Our purpose was to provide an in-depth investigation of 2 commonly used depth jump variants: depth jumping over a hurdle and depth jumping while touching as high as possible using an overhead goal. Fourteen male athletes performed a series of depth jumps from a 45-cm box. Three types of jumping conditions were used. One type of depth jump was a control jump(More)
Food-deprived pigeons were presented with a row of four response keys situated above a grain hopper aperture. At the start of a trial, three of four keys were randomly selected and illuminated white for six seconds. After a variable blackout period, one of the three previously white keys and the previously dark key were illuminated green, and the remaining(More)
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