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Two metaphors for quantum physics and nonlocality are presented, one in the form of a game, Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe, and the other as an extended version of Spooky-Coins & Magic-Envelopes. Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe introduces the concept of quantum games as metarules on classical games, such that states in the quantum game imply the existence of multiple instances of(More)
In the current formalism of quantum mechanics, collapse of the wave function is envisioned as occurring " instantaneously ". Since this is in conflict with the fact that " simultaneity " is not a relativistic invariant, quantum mechanics and relativity are in conflict with each another. This conflict is benign as long as faster-than-light (FTL) phenomena(More)
Previous studies with Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM, Grapholita molesta) and Heliothis virescens males flying upwind along a pheromone plume showed that they increased their upwind flight speed as they flew higher above striped floor patterns and, for OFM, to a similar degree over dotted floor patterns. This response pattern has been demonstrated in another moth(More)
The ''personal cloud'' effect and its impact on human exposure to airborne pollutants are well documented. A great deal is also known regarding indoor air chemistry, particularly as related to ozone reactions with mono-terpenes. In this paper we hypothesize the presence of personal reactive clouds that result from ozone reactions with terpenes and(More)
Almonds can be contaminated with aflatoxins, produced mainly by Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus. Infection can be facilitated by insect injuries during hull split, which begins four to six weeks before harvest. Within this period, it is unknown which kernel stages are most susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. Developing almonds of the Nonpareil(More)
For some polyphagous insects, adaptation to phytochemically novel plants can enhance resistance to certain pesticides, but whether pesticide resistance expands tolerance to phytochemicals has not been examined. Amyelois transitella Walker (navel orangeworm) is an important polyphagous pest of nut and fruit tree crops in California. Bifenthrin resistance,(More)
The type of solvent and the volume used to load pheromone components onto rubber septa had significant effects on pheromone release ratios, the variability of those release ratios, and the recoverability of the volatile components during subsequent extraction with hexane. Volatile release ratios of synthetic Oriental fruit moth (OFM) pheromone and(More)
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