Joel P. Clark

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The specificity of 26 monoclonal antibodies against the CA 125 antigen was investigated in two phases of the ISOBM TD-1 workshop. The binding specificity was studied using CA 125 immunoextracted by specific antibodies immobilized on various solid phases, or on the surface of human cell lines. Immunometric assays using all possible antibody combinations were(More)
This dissertation addresses the issue of performance standards in developing nations, focusing on the role of local content requirements. It proposes a theoretical framework to understand the impact of this policy on the decisions of firms and the welfare of the domestic economy, and offers a methodology to apply the analysis to the context of the(More)
Crowdsourcing is being researched as a technique to develop small-scale spaceflight software by issuing open calls for solutions to large crowds of people with the incentive of prizes. There is widespread investment of resources in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education to improve STEM interests and skills. This thesis(More)
Japan has a long history of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs); however, it has experienced many failures but learned various lessons from them. The representative example is a management failure of the third sector, which is a joint corporation capitalized by both the public and private sectors. In fact, many of the third sectors were successively(More)
An engineering methodology to identify profitable market segments for the use of new materials is presented and illustrated by application to the automobile industry. The method has three parts: empirical, statistical and analytical. The first measures company preferences for the important attributes of a use of a material, applying single-attribute utility(More)
level, the primary decisions for a remelter involve composing alloy batches by carefully selecting and mixing various amounts of scrap and primary materials. Sorting provides added flexibility as well as complexity to these decisions by affording the secondary processor the opportunity to upgrade the materials which they have at hand. With sorting, the set(More)
Since the phasing-out of the High Density Rule, access to major commercial airports in the United States has been unconstrained or, in the case of the airports of New York, weakly constrained. This largely unregulated demand combined with capacity constraints led to record delay levels in 2007, whose costs were estimated as in excess of $30 billion a year.(More)
Multi-attribute utility analysis (MAUA) has emerged as a powerful tool for materials selection and evaluation. An operations research technique, MAUA has been used in a wide range of engineering areas, of which materials science and engineering is one of the more recent. Utility analysis affords a rational method of materials selection which avoids many of(More)
Although the product-centered focus of life-cycle assessment has been one of its strengths, this analytical perspective embeds assumptions that may conflict with the realities of environmental problems. This ar ticle demonstrates, through a series of mathematical derivations, that all the products in use, rather than a single product, frequently should be(More)
This study investigates the cost effects from changes in size of aluminum and copper die cast induction motors for traction purposes. This thesis uses two specific motors developed by General Motors, the BAS+ and the X26R Motor A, as the basis for the analysis. Induction motors for vehicle traction purposes have traditionally been manufactured using(More)