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A pathology of science is defined as a two-level breakdown in processes of critical inquiry: first, a hypothesis is accepted without serious attempts being made to test it; and, second, this first-level failure is ignored. Implications of this concept of pathology of science for the Kuhnian concept of normal science are explored. It is then shown that the(More)
The psychometricians' fallacy concludes that an attribute is quantitative from the premise that it is ordinal. This fallacy occupies a central place in the paradigm of psychometrics. Most of the founders of the discipline committed it and it makes sense of otherwise anomalous developments within the discipline, such as the permissible statistics controversy(More)
Any psychologist engaged in measuring psychological attributes should read this very readable, scholarly book. Will she or he like it? With a few exceptions, probably not. Should she or he, nonetheless, pay attention to it? I think so. But then, as you will see, I am far from an unbiased reviewer. measurability has been presumed rather than tested. The(More)
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