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The in vivo dog brain 31P NMR spectrum has a large peak in the phosphodiester region accounting for more than 35% of the total observable phosphorus metabolites. It is possible to reduce the intensity of this peak by off-resonance saturation. To characterize the nature of this peak, extracts of dog brain frozen in situ were analyzed by high resolution 31P(More)
From 1991 to 1996, Jeffrey pine beetles (Dendroctonus jeffreyi Hopkins) (JPB) caused tree mortality throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin during a severe drought. Census data were collected annually on 10,721 trees to assess patterns of JPB-caused mortality. This represents the most extensive tree-level, spatiotemporal dataset collected to-date documenting bark(More)
PROJECT OBJECTIVES: To monitor changes in tree population health, fuel loadings, and fire hazard on a high elevation landscape using an extensive gridded plot network JUSTIFICATION: a. Linkage: Monitoring from FHM (aerial surveys), FIA, and FHP-ground surveys have indicated increases in mountain pine beetle-caused lodgepole pine mortality throughout Region(More)
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