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Large oral doses of l-tryptophan yielded negligible antidepressant effects in unipolar depressed patients, but partial antidepressant and antimanic effects in some patients with bipolar affective disorder. Marked changes in cerebro-spinal fluid, platelet and urinary levels of serotonin and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in these patients during l-tryptophan(More)
Nineteen patients, each hospitalized with a major depressive episode, were deprived of sleep for one night. Ten patients responded with clear improvement in depressive symptoms; the substantial clinical change was transient, usually lasting one day. Those who responded had significantly higher initial depression ratings (P less than .01) and tended to be(More)
The authors found a 60% incidence of difficulties in sexual functioning in 57 male patients who had taken thioridazine. Ejaculatory problems were the most frequent dysfunction; a third of these patients experienced retrograde ejaculation. The incidence of sexual difficulties in 64 patients who had taken other major tranquilizers was only 25%. None of the(More)