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We study the boundary conditions at a fluid-solid interface using molecular dynamics simulations covering a broad range of fluid-solid interactions and fluid densities and both simple and chain-molecule fluids. The slip length is shown to be independent of the type of flow, but rather is related to the fluid organization near the solid, as governed by the(More)
The dynamics of macroscopically homogeneous sheared suspensions of neutrally buoyant, non-Brownian spheres is investigated in the limit of vanishingly small Reynolds numbers using Stokesian dynamics. We show that the complex dynamics of sheared suspensions can be characterized as a chaotic motion in phase space and determine the dependence of the largest(More)
Direct numerical simulations are used to examine the locking of quantized superfluid vortices and normal fluid vorticity in evolving turbulent flows. The superfluid is driven by the normal fluid, which undergoes either a decaying Taylor-Green flow or a linearly forced homogeneous isotropic turbulent flow, although the back reaction of the superfluid on the(More)
We study an ad hoc extension of the lattice Boltzmann method that allows the simulation of non-Newtonian fluids described by generalized Newtonian models. We extensively test the accuracy of the method for the case of shear-thinning and shear-thickening truncated power-law fluids in the parallel plate geometry, and show that the relative error compared to(More)
The evolution and spatial structure of displacement fronts in fractures with self-affine rough walls are studied by numerical simulations. The fractures are open and the two faces are identical but shifted along their mean plane, either parallel or perpendicular to the flow. An initially flat front advected by the flow is progressively distorted into a(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of dense and rarefied fluids comprising small chain molecules in chemically patterned nanochannels predict a novel switching from Poiseuille to plug flow along the channel. We also demonstrate behavior akin to the lotus effect for a nanodrop on a chemically patterned substrate. Our results show that one can control and exploit(More)
The velocity fluctuations present in macroscopically homogeneous suspensions of neutrally buoyant, non-Brownian spheres undergoing simple shear flow, and their dependence on the microstructure developed by the suspensions, are investigated in the limit of vanishingly small Reynolds numbers using Stokesian dynamics simulations. We show that, in the dilute(More)
Several aspects of the dynamical behavior of nanometer-sized liquid drops have been investigated using molecular dynamics computer simulations. The liquids consist of chains of lengths 2-100 with Lennard-Jones and nonlinear elastic interactions, comprising drops made of O(100,000) atoms with radius O(10 nm), placed on an atomistic substrate. We simulate the(More)