Joel K. Hollingsworth

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In the opening keynote presentation of the 2010 Google I/O Annual Conference, Google Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra emphasized that "the web is the most important platform of our generation". It was also stated that all major new software products were web based and that no major desktop application has been released since 2004[1]. The growth of(More)
This paper describes a novel approach to incorporate web-based programming techniques in the undergraduate computer science curriculum using Google App Engine as the target platform. This approach provides students with a production-level understanding of current web-based programming. A description of the course materials along with the advantages of the(More)
Engineering design increasingly uses computer simulation models coupled with optimization algorithms to find the best design that meets the customer constraints within a time constrained deadline. The continued application of Moore's law combined with linear speedups of coarse grained parallelization will allow more designs to be evaluated in shorter(More)
As the popularity of mobile devices surges, more and more organizations are looking to exploit the novel interaction methods of mobile devices to re-deploy legacy software or to develop innovative new applications. Many organizations are looking to nearby universities for expertise in this area. At the same time, mobile computing has become increasingly(More)
Cisco predicts that over 14 billion devices will be connected over the internet by the year 2010 [2]. The internet has changed the way we live, play, work and learn. The majority of software applications that are under development or will be developed in the next five to ten years will be distributed. The Elon faculty have added a required course, Computer(More)
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