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The effect of orally administered ranitidine on the pharmacokinetic properties of orally and intravenously administered triazolam was determined. Twelve healthy males with a mean age of 35 years were enrolled in this four-way, randomized, crossover study. Each subject received a total of four treatments, each separated by one week. The treatments consisted(More)
The software used by enterprise businesses for creating variable-data customer documents must be highly reliable, and vendors are increasingly distributing such software via the cloud as an online service. This means that vendors now assume responsibility for the IT resources hosting and supporting the software as well as the customer documents and data.(More)
Pharmacists remain a readily accessible and trusted source of information about health. In order to assess the quality of counseling on health matters and the progress of the profession in this activity over the last decade, a study similar to one reported in 1978 was conducted. We visited 46 community pharmacies and requested advice from the pharmacists(More)
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