Joel Goldstein

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Polysorbate 80 is one of the key components of protein formulations. It primarily inhibits interfacial damage of the protein molecule due to mechanical stress during shipping and handling. However, polysorbate 80 also affects the formulation photostability. Exposure to light of polysorbate 80 aqueous solution results in peroxide generation, which in turn(More)
For a very long time, it has been an article of faith among liberals and conservatives alike that Lochner v. New York was obviously and irredeemably wrong. Lochner is one of only a few cases that constitute our " anti-canon, " universally reviled by the legal community as the " worst of the worst. " Our first claim in this Article is that the orthodoxy in(More)
EDUCATION PhD. Mathematics applied to Economic Decisions. (University of Trieste) Dissertation: Un approccio parametrico per la risoluzione di una classe di problemi di programmazione matematica (Solutions to some classes of mathematical programming problems: a parametric approach) defended on June 3 rd 1998. Dissertation: Algoritmi di modellazione per(More)
Research has focused on changes in the psychiatric treatment of youth in outpatient settings, but less is known about trends in inpatient care. This study documents changes in the lengths of stay (LOS), clinical profiles of youth, and medication use within an inpatient setting in Massachusetts between 1991 and 2008. A chart review of 233 medical records of(More)
Omaid Zabih for exceptional research assistance; Kris Lauber and the Schmid Law librarians for terrific help tracking down sources; and Vida Eden for excellent assistance. Finally, I thank Jake Pugh and the editors of the Boston University Law Review for excellent editorial assistance. A McCollum Research Grant provided support for this Article. Remaining(More)
Polysorbate 80 is widely used in protein formulations to protect protein against agitation-induced aggregation. In this study, we address concerns about residual peroxide present in Polysorbate 80 on protein stability. Residual peroxide may oxidize active pharmaceutical ingredients leading to reduced stability and may ultimately lead to lower potency and(More)