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Here's the link to the original Washington Post article. It should go first in your compilations, with reactions to it coming later. Apparently, over a half-dozen social-network analysts were interviewed for the article. One of them, Kathleen Carley, is quoted there on a couple of occasions. Barry Wellman is calling the current situation "the first network(More)
The essence of this first war of the 21st century is that it's not like the old ones. That's why, as $40 billion is voted for the new war on terrorism, 35,000 reservists are called up and two aircraft carrier battle groups hover near Afghanistan, some warriors and analysts have questions: The essence of this first war of the 21st century is that it's not(More)
This paper reports the results of an analysis to determine the land types found adjacent to the routes that may be used to transport high-level nuclear waste (HLW) to the proposed Yucca Mountain repository site. This analysis used a GIS-based model to contrast and compare the rail and truck shipment of HLW. Likely suites of rail and highway routes are(More)
Urban economists have recently focused upon a 'newly recognised' phenomenon: edge cities. In the first part of this paper we review two main interpretations , originating from Krugman and Fujita and the Henderson and Mitra models of this urban phenomenon. After a concise review of these two approaches, we will introduce our model which represents a possible(More)
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