Joel F. Feinstein

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Scalene muscle block is often performed to assist with the clinical differentiation of primary sources of pain and weakness in the upper limb when the differential diagnosis includes thoracic outlet syndrome. This presentation offers a simple clinical method to assess needle placement in the scalene muscle before an injection of local anesthetic which, if(More)
This note is a sequel to [7] where we investigated the endomorphisms of a certain class of Banach algebras of infinitely differentiable functions on the unit interval. Start with a perfect, compact plane set X. We say that a complex-valued function f defined on X is complex-differentiable at a point a ∈ X if the limit f ′ (a) = lim z→a, z∈X f (z) − f (a) z(More)
A survey is given of the work on strong regularity for uniform algebras over the last thirty years, and some new results are proved, including the following. Let A be a uniform algebra on a compact space X and let E be the set of all those points x ∈ X such that A is not strongly regular at x. If E has no non-empty, perfect subsets then A is normal, and X(More)
In this note we construct Swiss cheeses X such that R(X) is non-regular but such that R(X) has no non-trivial Jensen measures. We also construct a non-regular uniform algebra with compact, metrizable character space such that every point of the character space is a peak point. In [Co] Cole gave a counterexample to the peak point conjecture by constructing a(More)