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The DO Collaboration reports on a search for the standard model top quark in pp collisions at +s = 1.8 TeV at the Fermilab Tevatron with an integrated luminosity of approximately 50 pb '. We have searched for tt production in the dilepton and single-lepton decay channels with and without tagging of b-quark jets. We observed 17 events with an expected(More)
The Tandem NonStop System is a fault-tolerant [1], expandable, and distributed computer system designed expressly for online transaction processing. This paper describes the key primitives of the kernel of the operating system. The first section describes the basic hardware building blocks and introduces their software analogs: processes and messages. Using(More)
is part of Compaq's Corporate Research group. Our focus is research on information technology that is relevant to the technical strategy of the Corporation and has the potential to open new business opportunities. Research at WRL ranges from Web search engines to tools to optimize binary codes, from hardware and software mechanisms to support scalable(More)
4. Choosing wireless communications In order to separate promises from practice in PDAs From the beginning, we were not interested in wire-and wireless communications, we decided to try to build a less local area communications. We wanted the focus to wireless PDA-based client to access the World Wide Web. be on the PDA and not on the installation and(More)
We search for the technicolor process pp-->rhoT/omegaT-->WpiT in events containing one electron and two jets, in data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 390 pb(-1), recorded by the D0 experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron. Technicolor predicts that technipions pi(T) decay dominantly into bb, bc, or bc, depending on their charge. In these events b(More)
Tandem builds single-fault-tolerant computer systems. At the hardware level, the system is designed as a loosely coupled multi-processor with fail-fast modules connected via dual paths. It is designed for online diagnosis and maintenance. A range of CPUs may be interconnected via a hierarchical fault-tolerant local network. A variety :of peripherals needed(More)