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Diet of five species of the family Myctophidae caught off the Mariana Islands
Myctophids are important components of marine food webs, but little is known about the diets of many species in large stretches of the ocean. To fill this knowledge gap, Myctophum lychnobium,Expand
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Effects of a tropical cyclone on a pelagic ecosystem from the physical environment to top predators
Tropical cyclones are environmental disturbances that may have important effects on open-ocean ecosystem structure and function, but their overall impact has rarely been assessed. The StenellaExpand
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Oceanographic influences on the distribution and relative abundance of market squid paralarvae (Doryteuthis opalescens) off the Southern and Central California coast
Market squid (Doryteuthis opalescens) are ecologically and economically important to the California Current Ecosystem, but populations undergo dramatic fluctuations that greatly affect food webExpand
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La Islade crusoe
Cats are pleasant, inquisitive, and joyful creatures. Anita doesn't quite feel that way. When does pragmatic discipline unleash scorn?