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Users of linear programming computer codes have realized the necessity of evaluating the capacity, effectiveness, and accuracy of the solutions provided by such codes. Large scale linear programming codes at most installations are assumed to be generating correct solutions without ever having been “bench-marked” by test problems with known(More)
SCOpf Ind purpose-The transportation and transshipment problem was among the earliest to be attacked by the methods of operations resutch. The methods and al,orithms used for optimizina the aJlcx:ation of transportalton capability are also used for many other Steminal)' unrelated problems of allocation and allotment. Because of this wide range,of(More)
The augmented predecessor Indexing method is a procedure for efficiently updating the basis representation, flows and node potentials in an adjacent extreme point (or "simplex" type) method for network problems, utilizing ideas due to Ellis Johnson in his proposed application of a triple-label representation to networks. The procedure is extended here to(More)
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