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PURPOSE This study explored the influence of modernity on the physical activity behaviors (e.g., intensity and timing) of children. METHODS Children aged 8-13 yr living a traditional lifestyle (Old Order Amish [OOA], n = 68; Old Order Mennonite [OOM], n = 120) were compared with children living a contemporary lifestyle (rural Saskatchewan [RSK], n = 132;(More)
Locata technology is becoming part of Leica Geosystems solution for the structural monitoring applications such as bridges and dams. This paper assesses the performance of the Locata technology using a test Locata network (LocataNet) established at the University of New South Wales. Using this network a long term static tests and a simulated deformation(More)
Eng-Kee Poh graduated with a B.Eng. (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore in 1986. Upon graduation, he worked as a development engineer at the DSO National Laboratories specializing in autopilot design. Subsequently, he completed his M.Sc. he has been working as a postdoctoral research fellow with the SNAP group, in the School of Surveying(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the validity of the SC-StepMX pedometer for measuring step counts. A convenience sample of 40 participants wore 4 SC-StepMX pedometers, 2 Yamax DigiWalker pedometers, and 2 Actical accelerometers around their waist on a treadmill at 4 speeds based on each participant's self-paced walking speed (50%, 100%, 180%, and(More)
The paper briefly reviews the status and trends in physical activity, physical inactivity, and overweight/obesity in Canada; discusses the consequences of these trends; examines evidence that our frame of reference with respect to physical activity and obesity is changing; promotes the importance of getting "back to the basics" as a strategy for enhancing(More)
He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy in satellite geodesy from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Joel has assisted in the development of a Locata (the mobile positioning device) and testing of the " Locata technology ". Other current research interests include pseudolites, GPS receiver firmware customization and high precision kinematic GPS(More)
PURPOSE The primary purpose of this study was to compare the health-related physical fitness and physical activity behaviors of Old Order Mennonite children to both rural and urban-dwelling children living a contemporary Canadian lifestyle. METHODS A cross-sectional study design was used to compare the physical fitness and physical activity(More)
UNLABELLED The prevalence of childhood obesity is rapidly increasing in many countries throughout the world. Advances in modern technology may have contributed to this problem by reducing children's physical activity levels. Thus, it is interesting to study children belonging to groups that have refrained from adopting modern technology. PURPOSE This(More)