Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

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Figure 1. The general form of a model of socio-technical safety control.. who participated in face-to-face interviews with the authors throughout the project. These employees represented the following offices and directorates: • Office of the Administrator • Office of the Chief Engineer Additionally, we would like to thank the following individuals for(More)
S ince the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935, collective bargaining has been the primary means by which U.S. workers can collectively negotiate terms and conditions of employment with their employer. Currently, more than 100,000 contracts are in effect, covering approximately 9 million workers and their employers in the private sector. 1(More)
searchers interested in replicating this study can obtain the data on which the authors relied directly from the authors. Recently some state and local governments in the United States have sharply reduced or eliminated public employee unionism and bargaining rights in the belief that their fiscal adversity stems mainly from overcompensation of public(More)
Examining data from two national surveys of matched pairs of union and management lead negotiators, the authors evaluate the current state of practice in labor relations and test several propositions related to the transformation of American industrial relations. They find that 30-40% of the parties reported that they had introduced negotiated,(More)
An accident investigation allows a view into an organization that is normally not possible. The strong system safety program established at NASA after the Apollo fire has evolved into a program in which the name remains but most of the important safety management and engineering functions have disappeared or are performed by contractors. The title remains,(More)
Safety is an emergent, system property that can only be approached from a systems perspective. Some aspects of safety can be observed at the level of the particular components or operations, and substantial attention and effort is usually devoted to the reliability of these elements, including elaborate degrees of redundancy. However, the overall safety of(More)